Feeding your creativity as a developer

published by Stream Writer on 4/10/2018

As a developer, you sometimes feel that you don't use your creative power enough during your regular job. This article presents a few methods you can use to scratch that itch.

Generating random passwords in ASP.NET Core

published by Stream Writer on 1/10/2018

Generating random passwords can have numerous use cases in a web application. This article goes over the general process and the specific use case of generating passwords during the registration process

Creating a C++/CLI Wrapper

published by Simple Talk on 9/6/2017

The C++/CLI is a dialect of C++ that is designed to work with the Common Language Infrastructure (CLI). It is a replacement for 'Managed C++' and makes every feature of the CLI easily accessible from C++. Mircea demonstrates the architecture that is involved in a C++/CLI wrapper that allows you to use both managed and unmanaged code, and to provide the choice of controlling memory directly.

JWT Authentication for Microservices in .NET

published by Simple Talk on 2/9/2018

As software development evolves to service-oriented architectures, the underlying frameworks and methods used must change as well. Mircea Oprea demonstrates how to create a service to manage authentication across components and servers.

Calling RESTful APIs in Unity3D

published by Simple Talk on 3/6/2018

Most techniques used to develop enterprise applications may also be used to develop games. In this article, Mircea Oprea explains how to use a RESTful API to call a web service from a game using C# and Unity.

Creating, Deploying, and Debugging an ASP.NET Core Application on Azure

published by Simple Talk on 5/14/2018

As more companies take advantage of the cloud, teams must learn to do the basics in new ways. In this article, Mircea Oprea demonstrates how to migrate an ASP.NET application to Azure and from on-premises SQL Server to Azure SQL Database. He also discusses how to troubleshoot issues you may find during the migration.