Programming projects

I usually start different programming projects based on whatever technology or language I might find interesting at a particular time. This can range from graphics programming to AI or just small projects that I feel can be fun to make.

Here are the ones that I feel are the most interesting:

DM8 – A small game engine developed in C++, based on the Sparky  engine; I started working on this by following tutorials a long time ago and I recently updated it by adding a few 2D physics mechanics. It also contains an (outdated) C++/CLI wrapper so the engine can be used in .NET.

Genetic Algorithm Framework (download link)- A C# framework that offers an easy way to implement the very basic functionality of a genetic algorithm. I initially developed this framework in order to be used for a Unity game that I worked on during my 4th university semester. It is available as a .dll or unity package and it also contains a demo and a written guide.

Rasmio Logger – A simple Windows console logger available for C++ and .NET that makes it easy to print messages in different colors.